September Update - From the Local President

The 2019 National Agreement expired on September 20th. It does not come as a surprise that the National parties were unable produce a negotiated settlement by the contract expiration date. This is what usually happens. So, what happens now?


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Local 323 at the National Convention

The Local 323 Delegation headed off to the National Convention well prepared. The focus of the Delegation was to act only in the best interest of the Local 323 Membership. After the National Convention was completed, the Local 323 Delegation returned home having accomplished this goal.


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Tony Stickler Installed as NDC Branch President

The torched has been passed to Tony Stickler as Branch President for the NDC. Tony's selection by the Local Executive Board was unanimous. Congratulations Tony, you have the support of the Local Executive Board as well as the Representatives and Members of the NDC Branch.


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August Update - From the Local President

We continue to follow the ongoing negotiations as the expiration of our current contract quickly approaches. The 2019 National Agreement is set to expire on September 20th. Should our contract expire, its terms will remain in place until a new contract is reached. Our next contract will be determined by a negotiated settlement or by an arbitrators final and binding decision. Let's explore the possibilities.


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